Welcome to NYC SpeedCamBuster!

The Official Speed Camera Alert & Defense App for NYC!

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  1. Welcome to the NYC SpeedCamBuster Blog. We are very excited about the release of our new Speed Camera Alert & Defense App built with the good hard-working people of New York City in mind!

    Please Note that the iPhone Version has been released and is available for Download in the Apple App Store. It will receive its first Update in the next few days.

    The Android Version has NOT been released yet. It should be in the Google Play Store in the next 30 days or so.

    For a little bit of information about our app please read below!

    NYC Speed Cam Buster is the Official Speed Camera Alert & Defense App for New York City!

    Never worry about getting another Speed Camera Ticket in NYC when using NYC Speed Cam Buster!

    With the most Updated & Accurate NYC Speed Camera Locations List! We Update our Speed Camera Database on a Daily Basis!

    Get Real-Time Voice & Beep Alerts when driving within 1000 feet of Any Reported Speed Camera or Red Light Camera the 5 Boroughs of NYC.

    FIGHT BACK New York!!

    Now you can Dispute Any Inaccurate NYC Speed Camera Violation when using our Premium Service for only $2.99 Mo. With our EXCLUSIVE Speed Cloud History Feature with Defense Doc!

    SPEED CLOUD HISTORY: Keeps Accurate Track of your Speed & Location while driving when using the App.

    DEFENSE DOC: Create a “Defense Doc” to Dispute an Inaccurate Speed Camera Ticket & Submit as Evidence Electronically to NYC Pay & Dispute App.


    Android App Coming Soon!


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