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NYC SpeedCamBuster is the Official Speed Camera Alert & Defense App for New York City
built with the good hard-working people of New York City in mind!

NYC School Zone Speed Camera Program

Let’s face it… NYC is not the most affordable city to live in. With the cost of living on the rise year after year, it is getting harder & harder for every day New Yorkers to make ends meet. To top it off, Mayor Bill DeBlasio and the City of New York started to implement one of the largest Speed Camera Programs in the country \and possibly the world, which is considered an un-written tax for the good hard-working people of the city, raising the cost of living even more and having people question if the speed camera program was created for Revenue or for Safety!
The default speed limit for NYC has been lowered to 25 MPH in all areas unless signs are posted with a different speed. If you travel over 10 MPH above the posted speed limit while passing a speed camera between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM Monday through Friday all year round, you will be hit with a $50 fine. It usually takes up to 2 weeks to receive the Notice of Liability (NOL) in the mail. The Notice of Liability is sent to the Registered owner of the vehicle, along with an image of the Vehicle and image of the License plate.

Stay Informed of Speed Camera Locations in NYC

We decided to build the NYC SpeedCamBuster App to help every day New Yorkers stay informed and up to date with the most accurate speed camera locations maps you can find! We worked hard to find practically every speed camera in the 5 boroughs of NYC Including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx, and upload the precise locations into our Speed Camera Radar Alert app!

New York City Speed Camera Locations
New York City Speed Camera Locations

Free Features of NYC SpeedCamBuster include:

  1. Speed Camera Voice Alerts within 1000 Ft & Voice and Beep Alerts when within 300 Ft until the user passes any reported Speed Camera
  2. Red-Light Camera Voice Alerts within 1000 Ft & Voice and Beep Alerts when within 300 Ft until the user passes any reported Red-Light Camera
  3. Speed Camera & Red-Light Camera Accuracy Verification with One Click
  4. Speed Camera & Red-Light Camera Distance & Direction Display
  5. No 3rd Party Advertising on the Free Version and Premium Version

Our Mission Built with Passion

Our Mission is to Help the hard-working people of NYC by gently reminding them to drive slower and safer so they don’t get speed camera violations and in-turn won’t have to worry about paying a fine that they most likely cannot afford. In the long run keeping our city streets safer. NYC SpeedCamBuster does Not give people a way to avoid speed cameras, it simply reminds people to slow down because there is a speed camera within a 1000-foot or 300-foot radius of the user’s location. The app does not re-route users to streets that don’t have cameras. In the average New Yorkers everyday hustle and bustle it can be easy to accidentally drive a few miles over the speed limit. Our App will simply give our users a friendly reminder that they should slow down. If a user happens to get a speed camera ticket while using the App, they will be able to take advantage of our Exclusive Speed Cloud History to see if they were in Fact driving at the speed indicated on the violation. If there is a difference in speed, there may be a problem with the speed camera calibration at that particular moment. Our Premium Users Can Dispute the violation, which can result in a violation being reduced or dismissed with proper evidence submitted.

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