#1 Speed Camera Defense App for New York City!

Real Time ACCURATE, Speed Camera Alerts Throughout NYC! Say Goodbye to NYC Speed Cam Tickets For Good!

About Us

NYC SpeedCamBuster is the Ultimate Speed Camera Alert & Defense App Dedicated to NYC!! We give Real Time Alerts for ALL Reported Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras in All 5 Boroughs of NYC Including Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan!

Not Only do we Alert Users of All Reported Speed Cameras, but we Also can help Registered Users Fight Inaccurate Speed Camera Tickets with our Exclusive Speed Cloud History feature!

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NYC Speed Cam Buster Features Include...

  • Red Light Camera Alerts

    Real-Time Voice Alerts of All Reported NYC Red Light Cameras! *With Real-Time Updates!

  • Speed Camera Alerts

    Real-Time Voice Alerts of All Reported NYC Speed Cameras! *With Real-Time Updates!

  • "SPEED CLOUD HISTORY" with "Defense Doc" to Help Fight Tickets

    Real Time Travel History Reporting – Keeps Track of Your Location and Speed at All Times!

    “Defense Doc” helps you Dispute Inaccurate Speed Camera Violation with a few clicks!

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